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10 Best Black Paints for Your Home
Mary Jo Bowling
Christopher Stark
December 2016

"Anyone who notices interior design has seen it: an inky stain spreading across American homes as people opt to paint their walls black. It may sound grim, but in execution, it’s quite chic.

By definition, black is the presence of all colors, which could make it the ultimate neutral. Therefore, there are few colors that don’t look amazing in front of it.

We asked designers about the country’s dark mood and to name their favorite black shades. Included in the mix are the array of “off blacks;” blacks with undertones of brown, blue, and gray."

"Interior designer Amy Weaver, principal at Weaver Design Group, uses dark paint to highlight aspects of a room. In this living room, she used black in a high-sheen finish to draw the eye. “The dark paint really helps the molding detail stand out,” she says. “It definitely works best when you have lots of interesting details.” She underlines the effect with white molding for high-contrast."