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California Homes

New Horizons. In Tiburon, Designer Amy Weaver crafts a Grand Family House with Panoramic Views of the Bay
Diane Dorrans Saeks
David Duncan Livingston
June 2004

"There in the reaches of San Francisco Bay, far from the City and traffic noise, Anthony and Lisa Vidergauz have created an elegant retreat with a European flair.

Working closely with San Francisco Designer, Amy Weaver of the Weaver Design Group, the couple dreamed up rooms with a timeless feeling reminiscent of the London Townhouses where Lisa spent her childhood. Anthony Vidergauz, President and CEO of California Closets ( the the twenty-six-year-old company has 120 stores worldwide) was originally from Krugersclorp, near Johannesburg in South Aftrica, and he also appreciates old world luxury, and fine heirloom mixed with modern paintings"